Bach Flowers are simple to use and are considered to be one of the simpler healing methods that was ever given to the people. Just like classical Homeopathy (by Samuel Hahnemann), Bach Flowers are considered to be subtle way of healing methods. It proves the thesis that every disease is caused by negative emotion, and is a basis for many other holistic methods.

Dr. Edward Bach was English doctor (internist) who got seriously ill at young age, and doctors gave him minimal chance of survival. That was the worst phase in his life, but through it, he managed to realize two very important things:
–      Physical ailment emerges from disharmony between way of life and inner being (self). This conflict inevitably leads the person towards unhappiness, suffering,     and eventually physical manifestation of ailment.
–      On the other side, Dr. Bach believed that nature gave us all we need for healing, through plants around us. He believed that plants have ability to transfer the information and help us resolve our mental conflicts.

He created 38 essences from flowers and divided them into 7 categories. This way he rounded off the entire system that he believed contained solution for any known emotional state of human mind.

We have been using Bach Flowers for 80 years, and it is worth noting one of his legendary thoughts that describes the meaning and essence of the human life: “Disease is exclusively corrective and is not cruel in nature; it is a mean through which our soul shows us our mistakes, so we can stop further hurting ourselves. This is how we go back on the path of Truth and Light, on which we should stay entire life”.