Pranic Healing ® is very advanced and proven system of energetic medicine developed by teacher Choa Kok Sui, and is used to balance prana, harmonize and transforms energetic processes  in the body. Prana in Sanskrit means ‘life energy’. This invisible bio-energy (vital energy) keeps body alive and in good health. In Chine, Prana is called Chi and in Hebrew it is known as Ruach (breath of life)

Pranic Healing ® is simple and effective system of energetic treatment without touch. It is based on principles of body where body can regenerate through increase of this life force that is easily obtained from sun, air and earth. Master Choa Kok Sui says: “Life energy or Prana is everywhere around us; we are in the ocean of life energy.”
Pranic Healing ® does not require medicine or physical contact with the person because it is done on bioplasmatic (energetic) level. This type of energy (or aura) is a matrix that surrounds and interlace the body. The role of this energy is to absorb life energy and distribute it to physical body (to muscles, glens, organs). The reason why Pranic Healing ® works on energetic level is because physical diseases appear first as energetic disbalance in aura and then as physical problem.

This energy that surrounds us and interlaces us, influencing the emotions, our ability to face and overcome stress, human relationships and ability to face financials hardships.
Master Choa Kok Sui developed Pranic Healing ® as total energetic system in order to enhance the quality of our lives. Courses for pranic healing are designed to give all necessary knowledge to participants. They are available throughout the world and there is a Pranic healing Center in Belgrade, Serbia as well.

This is the official statement that all Pranic healing practitioners must know:

Prana is not alternative for medicine but is a supplement to it. If the disease is serious one or symptoms do not go away, you must consult the doctor or higher level Prana practitioner. Prana Practitioner does not diagnose medicine conditions nor can suggest stopping using medicine or therapy.

We invite you to enter the exciting world of Pranic Healing ®.