Transcendental meditation is simple and natural technique, practiced 15-20 minutes a day, while sitting and with eyes closed. During the meditation, you can release stress and tension. In one natural way, meditation creates a state of deep relaxation and rest, deeper than you reach during night sleep; however, the spirit and soul remain awake.

Unlike other methods for relaxation, you do not need concentration or contemplation for mediation. Thoughts are natural part of mediation and they cannot and should not be forced to retreat. Deep relaxation is natural, spontaneous and systematic process, and meditation becomes useful, pleasant and refreshing.

This technique strengthens mental, physical health, resolves, and releases deeply inhibited stress and tension. Meditation brings mental and physical rest, that becomes an essence or basis for medical wellbeing. This leads to greater stability in everyday life and contributes to greater ability to succeed.

Everyone can learn and practice transcendental meditation, regardless of age, education, lifestyle or religion and beliefs. Patients are  reporting that they enjoy meditation and their experience shows that satisfaction with meditation is unusually high and that they continue meditating over many years.

Use and benefits:

More than 600 independent studies in 215 institutions and 33 countries zemlje vouch for health benefits of transcendental meditation:

  • Reducing high blood pressure (systolic and diastolic)
  • Positive impact on coronary diseases
  • Reducing serum’s cholesterol
  • Reducing physical and mental stress (i.e. lower lactate in blood or higher relaxation)
  • Better brain functions and better circulation
  • Les headaches and migraines
  • Removing insomnia
  • Reduced alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • Reducing anxiety, depression and neuroticism
  • Reducing cost of health care (50% less visits to the hospital)