Reiki is probably the oldest method for improving health. It is based on ability to channel universal life energy, increase capacity of vital energy; thus enhance quality of life overall.

Reiki is a technique for successful body relaxation, elimination of stress, and healing. It is based on traditional belief that universal life energy circulates through the body. If person has low life energy, it is susceptible to ailments and stress, and if the energy level is high, person feels healthier, fulfilled, and happier.

Reiki is alternative and unconventional energy healing technique through which a person can reduce stress level and cure ailments.

Name Reiki originates in Japanese language:
REI -meaning “universal”  and
KI – meaning “energy”

Reiki gives positive energy through touch and is transferable from one person to another. Only when this energy flows perfectly, will Reiki contribute to healing process. Every human being has deep need for love (as healing power, and motivational force), and forgiveness (as liberating force). That is why the healing process must include both love and forgiveness, to self and to others.

Universal life energy is one glorious manifestation of love. Doing Reiki is working with energy of pure love.

Dr. Mikao Usuji introduced 5 principles of Reiki which every practitioner should obey. It is believed that Reiki philosophies and values are thousands of years old, and represent secret recipe for happiness and magical medicine that cures all diseases. Honoring and applying them ensures that sane thoughts and emotions are preserved, directly impacting quality of life and health. Five Reiki principles are:

–       I will not worry today
–       I will not be mad today
–       I will be grateful for everything today
–       I will work honestly today
–       I will be kind and goodhearted today