Yoga is a path to healthy life

Yoga is ancient science of living naturally.

Numerous scientific researches reinforce influence of Yoga on physical and mental health.

Yoga strengthens locomotive system, balances metabolism, immune and neurological system; enhances circulation of all body fluids; it has positive effect on respiratory, digestive and urinary system, neutralizes tiredness, tension and stress and enhances mental health.

Consistent practicing of Yoga, body becomes younger, nicer, flexible and strong. Spirit becomes calm, happy and cheerful, enthusiastic, brave and determined.

The word Yoga originates in Sanskrit (YUJ) and means unity or bond; similar meaning as word yoke. Yoke is used to hold together joined animals and without it every animal would pull on its own side; thus there would be no effect. By using yoke (figuratively speaking), we create unity of differences and that is the force that drives our endeavors.

Yoga is like universe: unity of differences. We all live in universe, in unity of differences, in Yoga. Yoga is universal and is above cultural limitations, traditions, religions, and beyond time and space. It is based on ancient thinkers and their understanding of life and its purpose. Today, those ideas are finding confirmation in modern science and discovery of cohesive, united, transcendental field; the state in Yoga where diversity of universe is clear, and where all differences are virtually joined in endless correlation. Transcendental universe is also state in Yoga because everything coexists in harmony; same as in transcendental field of life. Cognition of transcendental field and ability to locate it in every point in transcendental universe allows Yoga to be most natural state of life; unity of opposites of endless silence and dynamics. We experience this when using full mental potential, when we are normal human beings, as God created us.

Yoga is ancient science of natural living. It gives us technique to normalize life in all aspects. That is why great thinker, Maharishi Patanjali (Yoga Sutra), divided transcendental field in eight areas, spreading in inner (within our being) and outer (spreading through the universe):

Outer areas of Yogage (bahiranga yoga):

  • Yama – Ethics. Living in accord with laws of nature and ethics is the essence of human existence and is the highest obligation in life.
  • Niyama – More specific than Yama. Teaches us responsibility towards life; helps us establish the norm and core of the family and society in general.
  • Asana and Pranayama – Yoga practices. Numerous scientific researches confirmed positive effect of Yoga. By practicing Yoga, you can strengthen locomotive system, balance metabolism, immune and neurological system, and enhance circulation. Yoga exercise has positive effect on pulmonary, digestive and urinary tracts, eliminates tiredness, tension and stress and enhances mental health.  Regular exercise makes your body younger, nicer, more flexible and strong. Your mind becomes calm, happy, cheerful and enthusiastic, brave and decisive. Yoga exercises wake up life energy and make life lively.

Inner areas of Yoga (antaranga yoga):

  • Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi – united in (transcendental) meditation.  Pratyahara is turning the attention and focus from outer transcendental field of life towards the inner one and our conscience. Dharana is everlasting attention towards the inner self, Dhyana is the process of refining mental activity and Samadhi is the state where conscience is least awake (pure conscience).

Yoga strengthens all aspects of your life and brings them together. Yoga creates harmony between intellect and emotions, so one reinforces the other. Only then, we are strong and able to properly function; dysfunction brings powerlessness.

Yoga teaches us to be moderate and balanced. When all differences are in harmony than the life becomes balanced.

Yogi is not the one who sleeps too much or too little, or one who eats too much or too little; Yogi is normal human being who uses full mental and physical capacity and leads balanced life in harmony with laws of nature.

Purpose of Yoga is to make our conscience wake and spiritual in all aspects of our life, and to help us live in harmony and balance.