Belgrade, 11 September 2014 – Princess Katherine Humanitarian Foundation together with International Women’s Club in cooperation with Academy for living healthy organized a one day yoga seminar at the White Palace to launch “Campaign against breast cancer”.

The seminar was run by Daniela Celikovic, member of the board of Lifeline New York Humanitarian Organisation that works under auspices of HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Yogacharya Jadranko Miklec, secretary of the World Yoga Federation. This was a humanitarian event to launch the oncoming “Campaign against breast cancer” that aims to raise awareness on the importance of prevention in fighting breast cancer.

Each participant could learn basics of yoga exercise in order to reduce stress of everyday life, increase energy and maintain optimal psycho-physical balance.

This event was supported by Academy for living healthy, La Roche –Posay, Restaurant Institucija, Sistem:I (Apple Macintosh system solution).